Welcome to MARECO

Are you looking of a place to live, retire or run your own business where others just holiday? The Island of Penang with its UNESCO World Heritage city Georgetown is a location you need to consider. Malaysia is one of the few places in South East Asia where foreigners can own real estate without notable restrictions and the government has implemented favorable Immigration laws for those who want to enjoy the beauty of this country and its financial advantages.

We can help make your dreams come true! We specialize in finding the right property for those who come here for retirement or will work here as expats and help you settle in. We know where to find the best condo or house that meets your expectations for a reasonable price. Due to our long Malaysian Expat experience we can advise you where to find your dream home although we are not a Real Estate Agent, but can help you to find the best. Our fees are moderate and our service goes far beyond showing you only suitable real estate.