Why Retire in Malaysia

Food and Beverages

Living in Penang you have access to most western foods but you’ll find yourself quickly drawn to the excellent and healthy local foods.

The island is well-known all over South-East Asia for its Hawker food, prepared street-side or in stalls that are limited in space but big on taste. Hawker Centers can house up to 50 different stalls for an amazing choice of Malay, Indian, Chinese dishes costing € 2 to € 5. One category up are Coffee Shops, usually with one chef and a crew of helpers who will serve a three to five course dinner for about € 5 to € 10 consisting of soup, squid, prawns, fish, clams, pork, beef or poultry, vegetables with rice or noodles in a combination to suit your taste. Finally, Penang boasts numerous restaurants with a range of cuisines for any occasion; European including Italian, French and German and Asian from Japanese to Korean to Thai. The difficulty is the choice, whether Hawker food, your local Coffee Shop or fine dining.


One drawback in this food paradise is the price of beer, wine and spirits. A bottle beer at a hawker stall will cost about € 1.50 and might increase to € 3.50 in a restaurant. Wine and liquor will even make a bigger hole in your wallet.

If you want to know more about Penang’s famous Hawker food see http://www.penang-online.com/pages/penang-hawker-food.php

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